The making of a dress - getting started

Are you ready to create a fabulous gown?  You might be wondering, where do I start?  Well, let's take this slow and explore all the options.  I will center this project around the idea of creating a bridal gown, but really, this process applies to any sewing project and certainly any dress design. 

Start by gathering pictures of gowns you like.  Whether you are inspired by the sleeve of one dress and the hem detail of another,  you should collect anything at all that interests you and make a clipping file.  This means compiling all of your ideas in one central location whether that is a fancy scrap book style page or just a spare folder.  It is so helpful to focus on what you like the most and to weed out any ideas that are lovely, but don't quite make the cut.  Review this file as many times as you wish, feel free to add any other ideas that come along and eliminate what no longer is in the running.

A great determining factor is the silhouette of gowns you are attracted to.  Silhouette refers to the shape the skirt takes in relation to how it falls on the body. 

Here are the basic silhouettes :

Ballgown  - A dress style with a very full skirt that flares out from the waist.
Aline - This style has a gradual flare that creates an "A" shape.
Straight - The skirt falls evenly around the body

Trumpet - The skirt flares from the upper thigh or the knee

Mermaid - The skirt flares at a lower point than the knee
These terms will come in helpful and are only guidelines as to dress silhouette styles.  There are many variations of these styles but this is a good foundation and will help you better communicate to the sales staff who will be trying to narrow down your search for you. 
Keep looking through those bridal magazines and have fun in the process!  Next we will discuss the pros and cons of a strapless gown.

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