This is an example of lace done my own way. I purchased this lace in the yard, removed the sequins and pearls that I didn't care for, cut out each motif individually, and placed them on this gown as I saw fit. Then, I added some lovely vintage beads that were in my collection and made this gown truly one of a kind.



This veil is full and sassy. The blusher just covers the face and is very playful. I love creating veils that are different and I have fun playing with the fullness. This one is 3 layers with curved edges to give it softness.


A fabulous week!

This week had me busy with preparations for a mini photo shoot. So much fun, with great pictures to follow! Here's a preview.......


Flounce veil

I was inspired by the flirty veils of the 1960's for this veil. The 2 layers are trimmed with soutache and stitched in a curling fashion.



How great it is that there is a term for what I've been doing for years. I am not a shopper - never retail. I've always tried to use what skills I have to make my clothes my own. Not just for style but also neccessity. Sewing and knitting, applique and embroidery all play a part in taking "old" clothes and making them new. Let's have fun with what is already in our wardrobe and let our own style come through!


Circular Veil

I love this veil. It is a personal favorite of mine. Soft and romantic, it is long enough to inspire a little drama and simple enough to perfectly enhance the bride's ensemble.


A brand new week! Such a promising thought. I hope I can accomplish what I've set out for this week. The ideas keep coming - will time allow me to bring them into reality? So many lovely gowns..........


The skirt on the new gown went well today. I underlined the satin and assembled the lining. All seams are finished. Now comes the business of redesigning the bodice. My original bodice plan was unsuccessful. Well, that is not unusual. I like to change things as I go along. I'm sketching a few bodice options now and I think I've settled on something that will utilize a lovely silver lace I've had waiting.


I'm in the process of working on a new gown today. This is one that has been redesigned a couple of times. I am never quite satisfied with the bodice. The skirt is being assembled. Pictures to follow.


Bugle bead leaves

Swans A Swimming

Seed beads on silk chiffon

Beadwork options and hem detail

Beadwork options. Top left, handstitched edging with sequin and pearl accents. Top right, scattered pearls and seed beads. Right, scrolling design with tear drop and oat pearls.

Scrolling leaf design, machine embroidered with pearl accents.

Floral beadwork

This floral motif measures approximately 10" long and was machine embroidered on silk satin with hand stitched beading of seed beads and rhinestones.


This embroidery was done using a cutwork technique. Silk satin was used instead of the traditional cotton fabric. The gold metallic stitching is hand done and accented by pearls and seed beads.

Embroidery and beadwork

Scattered pearl "buds" with metallic centers

Machine embroidered floral motif on net