A new year to be inspired

I have big plans for 2011... A new year is always very exciting and full of possibilities.  But, for those times when the creativity starts to muddle, here are some ideas to get the ideas flowing once again.

For anyone who wants to be inspired on a totally new level, I strongly encourage you to check out the Montana World of Wearable Art website.  If you are feeling in a design slump, the creations presented in this show will certainly perk you right up.  http://www.worldofwearableart.com/

I am working on a project for this year's show but since it is still bubbling in my brain, I will keep the details hush hush for now.

In my lace research I have come across a great website, not only for lace but a great deal of textiles.  Be sure to check this one out, if only for the color combinations.


Here's hoping that 2011 is inspiring and productive for us all!

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