Sewing tutorial 2

To continue last months sewing tutorial, we will pick up with the cutting of the sweat shirt. 

 Position the old shirt on the new one to be cut and be sure to leave room for seam allowance.  1/2 inch is usually good but do what works for you, just remember to add it to every edge to be sewn.  If you are adding length or width to the original make sure to do the same for each piece of the pattern.  The front and back of the sweatshirt can be folded in half and cut on the fold as well.

When cutting out the sleeves, position the new sleeve pieces both right sides together and cut both sleeves at the same time.  Again, don't forget your seam allowances and any adjustments you might wish to make.  Here I have left ample cuff length. 

Now we are ready to start sewing!  This method for upcycling clothing is not just for childrens wear.  It is an option for anyone who finds an article of clothing with enough space to cut a new garment out of. 

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