designing with handspun

As much as I love designing gowns, I am equally enamoured with knitting and have been venturing into the sweater design realm. In fact, my ideas far outway my time to make them all. Well, I can say the same for my gown designs too. There is only so much time in the day. I decided to join the knitting olympics for the first time this year. I was hoping the extra pressure would help accelerate the process for me, I can knit fast but I prefer not to. Well, I did get all the pieces finished on time, but unfortunately my sweater was not blocked or finished off. I really would have preferred that it be completely done, but, I do have an original design ready to seam up and I did it in my own handspun! I have to say, it's not half bad!

I spun 16 0z of buttery soft merino wool that was a gift from my husband for Christmas. It was my first time spinning merino and the result was a lumpy and bumpy aran weight yarn. I love the yarn, and the fabric it knit up as is very interesting. Here is the back, I will post more pictures of the sweater in progress.

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