The Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Royal Wedding was indeed an exciting break from the usual depressing news that surrounds us every day.  Needless to say Kate Middleton was beautiful and I was very happy with her choice of a gown.  It had lovely traditional elements that were perfect for the occasion.  We will of course be seeing copies of her gown in the bridal market but I am happy to post my little prediction here.  Sleeve are back!  I always knew they could find their way back into our idea of the perfect bridal gown.  Thanks Kate!


Channing Kari said...

No, no, no. *I* get the credit for bringing sleeves back! She got the idea from me! ;)

I thought it was a lovely dress as well. I thought the bust was a tad pointy (ala 1980s Madonna), but other than that it was gorgeous.

Deborah said...

Oh yes - you are correct. It's hard to be a trendsetter, no? Even the lace on the hem was somewhat like your gown. We are SO good!