Clown Hair and Sour Apples get married!

There's nothing like a wedding to cheer up a gloomy time of year.  Ok, so I'm talking about plying up 2 already bright singles into one very fun and exciting yarn - but whatever!  I've had so much fun with it over the last couple of days.  Here is the progression...
Here are some of my batts waiting to be spun.  Clockwise from top left they are
Sour Apples, Clown Hair, Koolaid Blue, and Blue Lagoon.


Clown hair being spun on my Lendrum
single treadle on the largest whorl.

The plying in action.  My daughter made a sign that says
"two spinny friends"

The final result!  A lumpy bumpy yarn with lots of color and texture.  I love it!

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